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These legal terms and conditions cover the legal use of the website or website with the URL: ultimatebeautycompany.com, which is owned and operated by Ultimate Beauty SLU. The network and system that delivers a user to a certain address or place are represented by the hostname: ultimatebeautycompany. The site or project that the user is visiting is represented by the domain name: namecheap.com. These terms and conditions govern internet users access and use of the website, which is provided free of charge by the website’s owner. The acceptance of these general conditions is fundamental for accessing and using this website.

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Ultimate Beauty SLU intends for the information presented on this website to be accurate. There may be typographical or technical errors in this material. Ultimate Beauty SLU takes no responsibility for the accuracy or veracity of the content on this website.

Ultimate Beauty SLU will not be held liable for any damages incurred as a result of the visualization, use of software, documents, information, or services provided on this website in general.

Information Recipients:

The content on this website is primarily aimed at industry professionals, customers, jobseeker and other users who are interested in our goods. As well as information on the products we offer, positions available, our companies services, individual information and offers, linked pages and services, messaging and advertising, information about the company, advice and recommendations and information obtained through cookies.

Intellectual property rights (IPR):

The texts, photographs, logos, distinguishing signs, sounds, animations, videos, source codes, links, social media, advertising, navigation symbols, brand contents, certifications and awards, contact information including addresses, phone numbers, emails, registration numbers, all products shown on the website, VAT numbers, business cards, hosting account, warranty information, brochures and graphic material, visual appeal, publications, business policies, trade lists, organisations, directories, and other items and content are either owned, purchased or have the appropriate permission to be used by Ultimate Beauty SLU. Unless otherwise specified, all of the materials of this website are protected by national and international intellectual and industrial property legislation, unless otherwise stated.

Any transmission, distribution, reproduction, or storage, in whole or in part, of the content, unless expressly allowed and used for solely private reasons, is prohibited.

Access Regulations:

Ultimate Beauty SLU reserves the right to make changes and updates to the format, content, and access conditions of the website, as well as to these general conditions and those of individuals who may have been anticipated in relation to the contracting of products or services that may be carried out through this website, at any time even without prior notice.

Ultimate Beauty SLU does not promise that access to the page or its contents will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that it will be free of viruses or other components that may cause changes in your computer system.

Ultimate Beauty SLU disclaims all contractual or extra-contractual liability to any person or organization that accesses the page and suffers harm as a result of viruses or computer components of any type.

Ultimate Beauty SLU disclaims all liability for damages resulting from third-party services or information included on this website.

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Through inbound and outbound links and links, this web page may link to other web pages, either it’s own or those of third parties. Ultimate Beauty SLU disclaims all liability for the information and/or services provided on connected web pages. Ultimate Beauty SLU has no control, supervision, or approval over the information and services available on connected pages, assuming that they conform with current regulations.

In any event, we encourage users to these linked websites to exercise caution and read their general and specific terms and conditions.

Ultimate Beauty SLU disclaims any and all liability for any loss or harm resulting from the usage, operation, availability, or continuation of these connected websites.

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