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Welcome to Ultimate Beauty!
We are a fully remote international e-commerce company. We believe in a perfect work/life balance and that's why we provide the best opportunities for career growth and self-development. We value company culture and have 4 core values that show how we function as a team and company.
Our qualified team of researchers make a purchase from a supplier/wholesaler, who ships our order directly to our warehouse
Our warehouse team checks, preps and packs the orders for sending.
Our Operations specialists make sure that all the products are ready to sell and make sure they pass through check-ups and pass the custom clearance
E-commerce store
Our team makes sure the products arrive safely at the e-commerce warehouse and after that the last step is for the customer to make a purchase
Where our team works from
We are able to manage our own time and resources. We are able to organise ourselves in a way where we can use minimal resources to achieve maximum results or productivity. Even though we use Slack as our main form of communication, we are not the team that slacks off, we get things done and are ready work on our motivation, when we feel unproductive.
The second core value is very important, it's Integrity. And what this means is being honest with yourself and other, your team, your colleagues, your customers. We respect each other time and private lives and ard really working on that work/life balance. Our team is very respectful and is ready to help at any moment that's why we always have the courage to tell the truth and to be honest with everyone around us.
Our team works hard to achieve their goals, we are always full of ideas and are passionate about the process and where it's taking us. We have a goal and our goal is to get the best results possible. We love what we do, and our work makes us feel fulfilled, we are a team that strives to push forward with new ideas and strategies. and personal care products usually come in liquid form.
We feel that being positive is not only being in a very joyful and happy mood, but it's also being able to acknowledge and understand the feelings of other people and how they work. When we encounter a problem, we don't blame ourselves or try to put the blame on others, we learn from this mistake, because even small mistakes bring big value. Sometimes you might feel like you have a lack of energy or motivation, but being positive is also having a health and open mindset. If you have a health mindset you will always find a way to get around any problem
Hey there, I'm Carlota
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When I joined this small company in 2021, I had no idea how much my life would change - personally and professionally! I started working from my living room, helping to prep products and fulfill orders. It was an exciting time to be part of a company that was starting out, and I was determined to help it grow.
Over the past two years, I have watched this company grow from a small operation to a thriving business, together with my family growing as well and me becoming a mother for the first time. As the company expanded, so did my role within it. Today, I take part as a member of the operations team, helping to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.
It hasn’t always been easy, but the hard work has been worth it. I’ve learned so much about business, about myself, and about what it takes to succeed. And I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside some truly amazing people!I’m excited to continue growing with this company, to see what new opportunities lie ahead, and to be a part of something truly special.
Long story short: when applying for job, I did the Tarot reading. The cards told me that with Ultimate Beauty my life will change drastically and it will give me a quantum leap. And it happened so: in 3 months I was fully managing all cycle of our subsidiary, and then in 1.5 years I became a Head of Operation department, and in 2.5 years I am a Business Development Manager, creating brand new corporate universe. What’s next, I wonder?
Hi, I'm Eva!
I work in the Operations department and recently I achieved a big personal goal of mine.My achievement is not huge. But still it is a big win for me!I had problems with the lumbar spine due to a sedentary job. But since I started practicing contortion, the condition of my back has improved significantly! Now it is flexible, but also balanced strong. Which is really great and important.
And finally, I was able to master the dancer's pose and other backbends.Therefore, I realized on my own example that there is always room for growth, even when it seems that you have reached your maximum.
Hey, I'm Inna

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